Write for Us

We get inquiries regarding guest blogs for WbGuru. We would like to inform you that we would love to read a great guest post, as it is always nice to read another perspective and enjoy a fresh voice.

If you are interested in submitting a guest post for WbGuru, you should read on to find out what we are looking for and how the process actually works.

Importance of Guest Blog

If you are keen on giving back to the online business community and share your knowledge with others, guest blogging is definitely for you. It also allows you to showcase your skills and expertise while adding value to other start-ups and online businesses.

Guest blogging is an opportunity to:

  • Present your ideas and views to a larger audience
  • Ensure your business increases its online visibility
  • Open an avenue to network
  • Get quality backlink to your website

Did you know that by regularly posting guest blogs, you can improve your blogging skills? Yes, that is an added benefit of writing high-quality guest posts for WbGuru. We will work with you to refine the content and offer suggestions to make the content more compelling. As a result, your overall blogging skills will improve.

Topics Covered By WbGuru

We are particular about the type of content we would like to publish on WbGuru. Here are some topics that we think are apt for our website and will provide value to our visitors:

  • Apps
  • Web design
  • eCommerce
  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Online business
  • Inspirational content

If you have a topic that is not listed here, but you think it would benefit WbGuru readers, let us know. If we feel the same, we would love to publish it.

Quality Guidelines

We are looking for guest posts that offer value to our readers and can teach them something new. We are not looking for run-of-the-mill topics that are the available dime to a dozen in the World Wide Web. We are also not looking for rehashed guest posts.

We would like unique content that is a great read and inspirational to the extent that our readers stop doing everything and save the post to read it and apply the knowledge that they glean into their online business.

How to Submit a Guest Post

We don’t want the entire guest post. Instead, you can send us an email (content@wbguru.com) with a synopsis. If we feel that the excerpt can transform into something spectacular, we will revert and request you to send your guest post.