Story of Steve Jobs: The Man Who Changed the Meaning of ‘Apple’

From a college dropout to a CEO of a billion-dollar company, here is the story of this man of the invention:

Whenever the word Computing and Mobile phone echoes in our ear, the name of Steve Jobs always tugs along with them. Computer and Steve Jobs are synonyms of each other. But there is a lot more to know about this man of inventions. He was not always so famed and a hot topic in the streets of technology and machinery. There is a story behind the making of this tech guru which is as awe-inspiring as it is inspirational.

Do you know he was a college dropout?

Do you know he started Apple in the backyard of his home with an initial investment as low as $ 1,300?

Let’s gauge yourself a little more on the life of Steve job and we are in no doubt about the fact that by the end of the article, you will mark tons of things to get inspired.

Ordinary childhood of an extraordinary man

The humble beginning of this gadget guru stared on February 24, 1955, in San Francisco. He was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs during his days of infancy when her biological mother Joanne Carole Schieble out him on adoption to her lose only.

As they say, “Coming events show their shadow before”, Steve’s interest in machinery can be seen at an early age of three years. His father, Paul Jobs was a passionate car mechanic and the possibility his passion was the chief reason behind Steve’s interest in machinery and electronics. Steve used to lend a hand to his father in the task of rebuilding cars and gears.

While in 8th standard, he found that a crucial part was absent in a frequency counter he was working on. Being inquisitive, he tried to find out that at every possible place but all went in vain. But his curious mind was not quiet and telephoned directly to William Hewlett, the mind behind Hewlett-Packard.

William Hewlett spoke this novice yet curious boy for good twenty minutes and spotted the true zeal inside him suggest New York Times. He was impressed with his presence of mind and offered him a summer internship. Also, he prepared a bag of parts for him as Steve was adamant not to put the phone down without it.

Well, a future tech expert was in making. Apart from the electronics, nothing else appealed him more. Though he was good to find out how a gramophone can be repaired, he was not able to strike a conversation at school. Furthermore, the set curriculum was of no interest to him. He had a hard time to meet the academics and extra-curriculum activities.

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The overly excited and keen teenage

His union with Steve Wozniak while attending Homestead High School in neighboring Cupertino proved beneficial for both individuals. They both attended an electronics classes at high school. After the high school, Steve Wozniak went to attend the University of California, while Steve Jobs found his true calling in American Counterculture. He grew his hair long and found solace in music, literature, and religion, particularly Eastern religions. This was the time when Steve Jobs was confused about his career choices.

In the year 1972, Steve Jobs enrolled at Reed College just to drop out after one semester. This uncertainty towards studies can give jitters to any parents. But uncertainty is the beginning of eternal. Steve Jobs proved all the notions of getting high educations to have a stable career wrong with his out-of-the-box thinking. He has shown to the world that it is the skill and desire to perform which will take you to the pinnacle of the success, not a degree.

The rise of Steve and Apple

His only resume was a circuit board made by Steve Wozniak. Taking this circuit board, he went to Atari Inc. for a job of a technician. Well, owing to his passion for electronics, he was able to grab a job which was not promised by the degree.

Being nomad, Steve Jobs abounded Atari for seven months. The holy visit to India gave him an insight of his true calling. Later, he joined hands with Steve Wozniak on the board design. Simultaneously, they both worked on something they referred as “blue box”. It was considered as his first major work.

These two tech professionals changed the face of personal computing. It was the curious mind of Wozniak which designed original Apple I computer but it was the faith of Jobs that made this product a pioneer in personal computing. To fabricate it further, they both began Apple in the family garage of Steve’s house.  With the initial investment of $ 1,300, the Apple came into being. They made a deal where Wozniak invest his intelligence and Steve took the marketing responsibility of the Apple I computer.

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The second generation Apple was launched in the year 1976, which created much news in the tech town. Started from a scratch, the company touched the 600 million mark in 1981. All thanks to Steve’s and Wozniak’s hard work.

The Downfall

The face of computing further gets changed in 1984 with the launch of MacIntosh. The added feature of icons, helped in navigation, was a breakthrough. In the lack of some corresponding features such as a high-quality printer, MacIntosh announced a failure. This fiasco gave rise to Steve’s crash and he was thrown out of the company which he built. But, the thunder of innovations was not going to stop with this catastrophe.

Hope is always there

Soon after, he created NeXT, another computer making company. The company launched its first computer within three years after coming into being. The journey of inventions continued with animation movie Toy Story which was a major hit. Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo, The incredible, A bug’s life and Monsters Inc. are other major animation work of Steve’s animation company, Pixar.

The lost legend came back

By 1996, Apple understood the worth of his innovator, Steve Jobs, and called him onboard. He geared himself to take Apple to the heights of success which he always dreamt of. He altered the management, hired fresh minds and filled the workplace with new energy. The end result was an ace product iMac which grabbed public’s eye since its launch. The following inventions took the world by storm. The iPod and the iPhone changed the face of technology. Packed with apps and latest features, these devices have entered into millions’ life since the moment of their launch.

The Tech Marvel

Presently, there are more than 700 million Apple users worldwide which makes it one of the most successful Smartphone and smart device maker in the world.

Though he left the world physically, he is always present technically and spiritually.  He has left a legacy of innovations behind him which are making the world sounder.

The life of this inventor itself is a source of inspiration. Left for adoption by biological mother, adopted by a middle-classed family, awkward at academics, exceptional in electronics, college dropout but still encompassed ample of knowledge, failures, and cancer. There is nothing which he hadn’t faced but each time he emerged as a born winner.

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