Pale Vs Sale Oriented Web-Designing

You really don’t need a genie when technology is here to go hand in hand in your progress! Getting attention in form of conversations and conversions is what every business human intends when designing a website. You will be surprised to note that a visitor, visiting your website for the first time scrolls through pages only for 0.8 seconds. Here are some golden rules you need to know when designing a website and keep traffic and leads coming back to your page:-

1. Colors

It is a sheer fact that our eyes only scroll through things where colors are coordinated. Using too much of colors could distract attention; instead, go on with one color theme. This strategy will allow you to put a highlight on important information. A secret move is Use “call for action” step in bold color. This step will simplify the process and even your users will get that binge of contentment.

2. Videos and animations

Nobody in this world could be as loyal to you like your website because it promotes you 24*7. It really takes that something special factor to keep your visitors stay on that page. As a business owner, there could be a multitude of services or products in an offering, keeping the information short and crisp wins the game.

3. Social Share buttons

A good social media connect is very much important to keep your website upgraded to the next level. Keeping the finger on the gadget sensors and if your viewer passes on that crucial piece of information that means your job is half done. A crisp content or video always has a large scope of information. Remember only a pale website will not have that social share option.

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4. Site loading speed

Smartphones are winning the race over the desktop. Consumers really don’t have the patience to see the loading page again and again.

5. Scrolling and usage of creative’s

Using shapes and segregating information in sections is perfect to keep the interest of the reader’s eye hooked on you. Easy steps could even make your hard things possible.


If you think that this is the right time to switch from pale to sale driven website, they do make a point to call us today. In the league of businesses digital presentation consisting elements of color, video, animation, social share buttons, site loading speed, scrolling and usage of creative will matter the most.

Dhwani Negandhi

Dhwani Negandhi

January 20, 2019

Dhwani Negandhi has Collective experience of a decade in promotional content writing. she possesses educational skills of post graduation in Human Resource Management and Mass Media Journalism.