How to Optimize your WordPress Website for Ranking High in Search Engines

Is there any use of a beautifully crafted website studded with some excellent features, if it’s standing nowhere in search engine ranking?

The reality demands something else. More than designs and all the features of your website, search engines like Google, Yahoo and much other focus much more towards the useful information on your website. They look for a better content, keywords, alt tags and several other set based factors. Thus, a good knowledge of SEO is a key point for a better start of every website.

You would definitely like to master the SEO tricks for the optimization if you have a running WordPress website. This optimization of a website is required to attract the observations of search engine and to jump higher in the ranking. A nicely optimized website has comparatively much more chances to appear in top ranks of search engines, which ultimately affects the traffic of your website.

Here is a compilation of some of the most common optimization techniques that can be adopted for a better result. If practiced well, this can be a game changer for your WordPress website.

1. Permalink setting

The permanent URLs of individual pages or a blog posts is called permalink. This is a web address which is used link the content of your website.

There is a default permalink setting in WordPress which can be found in settings – Permalink. The setting allows you to adjust the requirement according to the need. It is recommended to change the default settings to post name that is %postname% because most importantly it is easy to index by search engines as well as quite an easy way to remember the users.

2. Sitemap creation on the website

As your website is consists of number of pages, it is important to tell Google about the structure of your website so that it can index the web pages. For doing this you need to create the Google XML sitemap which is not at all a tough task. One of the great features about WordPress is that it offers a very useful plugin which is known as Google XML Sitemaps. It allows the website to automatically get the sitemap which plays an import role for the search engine to index the web pages of your website.

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3. Always use Google Analytics

First introduced in 2005, this is a tool developed by the Google. After slowly gaining the popularity around the world, it has now become the basic requirement of every website. it is a free service offered by Google which allows you to track the traffic of your website. It does not only allow you to track the traffic but also gives you the liberty to evaluate the incoming traffic. From observing the behavior of the generated traffic to checking the source of traffic, it has many such important features which help your website to perform well in every circumstance.

4. Choose optimized themes

There is number of themes offered by WordPress that can be used for the designing of the website. But it is recommended to use search engine optimized themes rather than the appealing themes. These SEO themes also play an important role in improving the visibility of your website.

An optimized theme basically works on two main factors that are speed and code. The SEO enabled and a well-designed theme makes sure that the Google bots never miss a chance to recognize the source code of a particular link, which again helps in the visibility.

5. SEO plugins

There are many plugins which are offered by the WordPress which takes a good care of your website’s performance. It also allows you to add different Meta tags, keywords, and other various factors which is important for the optimization of the website. These plugins give you the all in one solution which is available for WordPress. With the help of the plugins, you can improve the entire on-page SEO of your website.

6. Media optimization

Media also plays an important role in any website. Media helps you to enhance your SEO efforts to move further up in the ranking. Though, poor display of media can completely ruin all the efforts of your website. The proper tagging of images is very important.

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The way you add tags to the images of your website, it helps you to improve every single chance to be at the top of the ranking when it comes to image search. While uploading an image to the WordPress website you will get to see different options such as title, caption, description, and alt text. By implementing this technique, it can bring major improvements to your websites’ SEO performance.

7. Quality content

Do you know what the most known Technique of SEO is?

It is the use of high-quality content. An appealing content engages many users and thus, it is highly recommended to create best possible content improve the search engine ranking.

8. Make full use of social media

Social media these days has become a popular platform for everyone who is looking bring their product or services into the knowledge of their targeted audience. Everyone is using different social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. Hence, make your content shareable over all the known social media platforms so that it can bring a notable change in the number of generated traffic for your website. Other than generating traffic, by adding share button you also improve the website’s credibility.

9. Hosting

It is a very commonly known fact that Google ranking is based upon the page speed. Therefore, along with all the SEO efforts, it is recommended to use a best possible hosting for their WordPress website. There are many known hosts which use traditional hard drives, but unlike them, there are many others too who use SSD drives for hosting. Use SSD drives; it is better when it comes to attracting top ranking spots for your website.

There are many different SEO techniques that people are using for their websites, but this one of the most commonly used techniques which can easily help your website to produce a magnificent result in terms of search engine ranking.

Shivanshi Singh

Shivanshi Singh

February 26, 2018

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