Mobile App Marketing Pitfalls To Watch Out For

Mobile apps are definitely the next big thing when it comes to online marketing strategies. With almost the entire world hooked on to their smartphones, it is rather obvious for businesses to consider mobile app marketing to reach out to their target audience more effectively. However, mobile app marketing is not as simple as it may seem to be. Imagine if you had your mobile app listed on the App Store and you had about 500 apps from different domains to compete with – it would be quite an easy task to stand out with your unique product or service.

This was exactly the case when the App Store was launched back in 2009. Cut to 2013 and the number of mobile apps listed on the App Store has crossed the staggering 1 million mark. And, that is just the App Store. Google Play followed suit pretty soon with the number of apps listed here crossing the 1 million mark just a few months after.

With the number of apps increasing by the end at an unprecedented rate, online marketers are in for tougher times. Having a mobile app marketing plan in place is essential now than it was ever before. While the planning is surely important, here are some aspects to be keen about in order to avoid any marketing pitfalls.

Things to watch out for during the pre-launch stage

Launching your mobile app is not just about creating a technically efficient mobile app. It has a lot to do with understanding the needs of the market and the customer requirements. Here is what you should be careful about before you plan the design and launch of your mobile app:

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1. Insufficient market research

A good start point for your market research would be to study the key apps already existing in your product or service category. This will give you an insight of what your target audience is already receiving from the mobile apps and you can then work on a plan to devise an app that will offer value addition. A quick comparative study of your app’s initial design with the features in the available apps will help you customize and further improve your app to expect a better response from your target audience.

2. Not including the feedback loop

Just building your app is not important, ensuring it consistently engages customers are. You can only understand if your app is being accepted by your customers is by receiving their feedback. Plan to have a feedback loop in your app in the design phase.

3. Not planning the app marketing strategies

Another common mistake is to wait for your app to hit the market and see the response to it and then planning your app marketing strategies. Ideally, your app marketing should start even before you release the app so that you can get better visibility and thereby, a better response.

Things to watch out for post-launch

Your task is not over after your mobile app is launched. In fact, the real work starts now. You need to follow up on the response consistently to bring about continuous or regular changes to what you offer through your app so that your target audience can always expect something new. Here are some things to watch out for:

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1. Not being keen on consumer engagement and retention

As mentioned above, the success of your mobile app depends a lot on how your target audience reacts to the functionality of your app. This is evident from the data that shows whether users, who have downloaded your app, are using the app extensively or have abandoned it. App marketing should be your focus.

2. Not giving much importance to customer support

Every user on your app should be given priority. This works in your favor as far as consumer retention is concerned. Customer support is, hence, important. Support allows you to address minor bugs and ensure users get access to the latest version of the app.

3. Not encouraging your users to spread the word

The fact is that nothing is as good a marketing strategy as reference or ‘word of mouth’. When your users share their experiences with your app, they unintentionally market your app and this is quite effective. However, your customers will only spread the word when you give them incentives. Offer deals, coupons, and specific discounts to encourage your users to share your app on their social platforms.

These are some of the mobile app marketing pitfalls that you should avoid when putting an app in the digital realm. This will ensure you enjoy success.

Kavita Shahri

Kavita Shahri

March 17, 2018

Even though I have a PhD in Zoology and an MBA from Cambridge University, my world is steeped in words. I am a little bookworm whose oyster is the familiar leaves of a much-thumbed book. I am fascinated by the written word and spend hours delving into this mysterious world. As I pen down content, my experience as Head of Corporate Communication in Europe help me create impactful and meaningful content that deliver results.