How Social Media Can Help Your Brand Become The Talk Of The Town?

With the increasing popularity of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the likes, manifesting a strong social media presence is no longer just a passable or an optional choice as was the norm decades ago. Ever since the evolution of the Internet as a one-stop destination for sourcing information and online marketing, building an impressive presence on social media has become a non-negotiable investment for enterprises who aim to create a niche identity for their brand amidst a plethora of market players who operate in the same domain as theirs with a near similar gamut of services and products.

Indeed, gone are the days when traditional marketing approaches such as aggressive door-to-door marketing and newspaper or campaign-based marketing strategies were sufficient to keep the sales trickling in. The need of the hour is to harness innovative marketing ideas such as use of free social media channels that are cost-effective and exhibit a wider reach. Moreover, the internet-savvy generation of today relies heavily upon the web to source facts, figures and reviews about your company and its quality of service and form a perception about your brand accordingly. Hence, one can hardly undermine the role of social media in generating brand awareness and in promoting a ‘feel good factor’ about your company and its products.

So, if you are a budding entrepreneur who is in need of a far-reaching platform to attract and retain prospects or an established business professional looking for an avenue to connect with your customers and to voice your brand’s competitive edge, then flaunting a credible social media presence is a must for you!

Why is social media imperative for your brand’s credibility and worthiness?

Social media is no passing fad or a ‘good to indulge in’ trend. With an estimated 3+ billion people using the internet worldwide and an ever-increasing rise in the demand for internet connections across the globe, it provides you with an opportunity to venture into hitherto unknown territories and showcase your brand to the world out there. It is not surprising that the surge in the number of online users has led to more and more organisations and B2B marketing strategists resorting to social media to propagate their brand’s value and credentials. It is indeed the hottest buzzword now and is considered as one of the most powerful means to generate long-lasting business impact and establish fulfilling relationships with your existing and prospective clientele.

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Ways to harness social media to your benefit

Take stock of tweets, comments and likes to gain key insights into customer behaviour

One of the greatest boons of social media is the vast opportunity that it presents to you to know your targeted audience better, irrespective of their geographical locations and cultural barriers. With plenty of real-time data to study and analyse, you can extract meaningful insights about their likes, dislikes, thoughts and opinions from their status updates, comments, shares, tweets and retweets. Without coming across as outright intrusive, you get a neat sneak peek into their lifestyle and their distinct choices and preferences in the form of video and photo uploads.

Additionally, in order to tap into your customers’ implicit and explicit needs, you can leverage targeted ads, FAQs, quizzes and debates to drive discussions and elicit customer responses and reactions on diverse aspects centred on your offerings and your brand. Such forums allow you to get a first-hand feel of how your brand is being viewed by your customers and others. For example – what do they think or feel about your brand, do they relate to your company’s vision and values, which product resonates well with their lifestyle, how was their experience when they contacted your customer service team etc. Furthermore, you get to know about your company’s strengths and improvement areas in context to the performance of your products and services. This insight is vital to the long-term success of your business as you can marry this in-depth know-how with cutting-edge analytics to devise and realign business strategies that fuel business growth and cater to the niche wants of your targeted demographic.

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Create an avenue to generate brand awareness, spark user interest and drive conversion

Having an exposure across multiple social media platforms fosters trust and reliability within your existing clients who are able to trace your whereabouts easily. Not only does this easy accessibility increase the credibility of your brand but it also allows your loyalists to connect with your brand more closely than ever before. Likewise, there is a high probability of new prospects getting familiarised with your company’s identity for the first time as they browse through the plethora of newsfeed and engagement forums that are rampant on the social media. Needless to say, what starts off as a fleeting curiosity can easily transform into a lasting impression once they become an ardent follower of your intellectually stimulating and thought-provoking blogs and posts…thus, leading to enhanced opportunities for a sale to kick-in!

Engage actively to build relationships and increase brand loyalty

Okay, so you have set the platform to spark a conversation amongst your targeted audience. Now, it is equally important that you take out time from your busy schedule to acknowledge and respond to their thoughts and opinions as soon as you can. After all, everyone likes a bit of attention and your clients are no different! Take this opportunity to clarify their doubts and queries and thank them for their honest feedback. Simultaneously, start working towards building a positive image for your company by unveiling your brand’s story in a subtle yet compelling manner. Lastly, engage in an open and a transparent manner without letting go of the coveted human touch in your online interactions. Personalising your interactions can go a long way in building healthy relationships with your clients who, in turn, can play a pivotal role in increasing your brand’s goodwill and boosting your search rankings by spreading the good word around!

Faraz Sayyed

Faraz Sayyed

May 24, 2017

Faraz works as a content marketing manager at Notion Technologies, a web and seo consultancy expert in building experience rich web for startups and businesses.