10 Methods to Build Your Brand’s Social Reputation

If you want to compete well in digital marketing world, social media is a must-have weapon. It strengthens your arsenal of marketing strategies. Whether it is a shout-out on Facebook, announcement on twitter or an Instagram post, an effective presence of display your services on social media has become a key point to scale your business.

Here are 10 innovative ways, which can be used by any business, to improve their social media marketing approach

1. Look compelling on Google+ and Facebook

Google+ and Facebook are the most popular search engine and social networking websites respectively. From here, you can get much more visibility for all the social activities you do to build a rock solid brand image. You can also claim your business for adding additional details about your brand like contact details and reviews.


2. Consistency

Retaining the followers is one of the biggest tasks of social media management, and the key point to retain followers is the consistency. The more consistently you will post the information on different social media accounts about your services and other relevant topics, the more followers you will retain. This can be achieved by designing a plan of how often you want to post and at what type of content you want to post.

3. Good content and different accounts

For example, if you take a look at our Twitter and Instagram accounts, you’ll notice that entirely different things on each platform.

Managing different social media accounts is also very important. You can’t just focus on a single platform. As you have followers of different mindsets, you need to post on each and every social media platform regularly. Now posting on every platform does not mean that the same content is being circulated over different accounts. You need to identify what information should be on a particular platform and how it should be presented to make an impact.

4. Utilize all social platforms and their uniqueness

You can also use different social media accounts for the different requirements to achieve the variety of targets. For example: If you are looking to target female users you can opt for Pinterest, as a report says that 92% of Pinterest users are female.

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In an infographic from Search Engine Journal, here’s how many social media users are active on their respective sites

Similarly, LinkedIn helps in finding professional connections and recruiting new employees. So different social media platform offers different opportunities to shape up your business profile, all you need to do is, work according to the targeted demographic.

5. Put extra effort for a particular platform

There is always a platform which suits well as compare to the other social media networks. You need to identify that social media platform which is working well for your business so that you can put some extra efforts there to capitalize each and every opportunity.

6. Live video

Broadcasting a live video of an event is one of the finest ways to attract many eyes towards your social profile which ultimately helps in getting publicity for the event or campaign. You can find enormous topics and different other ideas to highlight in that live video related to your business which can excite your audience. For example, you can arrange a webinar with the help of live video broadcast, where you answer different questions asked by your followers related to your business. This will not only satisfy your followers but also improves the social engagement level.

7. Innovate and show it off

Catching up with the innovative ideas are also equally important. Just like utilizing the live video broadcast, there is a lot more to explore when it comes to experimenting with the innovative ideas such as 360-degree photos and videos.

With the help of this emerging technology and innovative trend for the social crowd, you can connect with more (and relevant) crowd as compared to the standard photo and videos. This 360-degree camera allows your audience to feel virtually connected with the ambiance you display and make them more interested towards such posts. Keeping this fact in mind, you can make the promotional videos with such innovative ideas to gain maximum visibility for your products and services.

8. Schedule your postings

It is important to understand that at what time you want to post so that you can reach the maximum targeted crowd. Each social media platform has its own unique time of posting. Such as Facebook witnesses the most circulated posts in the later part of the day, mostly in evening. Twitter also faces the same timing of post circulation. On the other side, LinkedIn receives the maximum traffic at the earlier part of the day, mostly in morning. There are also many tools from which you can schedule your posts so that you hit the market at the right time.

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9. Keep up with the ongoing trends

Every business wants to see their social media posts getting the finest response in terms of visibility as well as the positive reviews and feedbacks. But at the same time, it is tough to recognize that what kind of content can bring the same response from social media crowd for the business profile.

Follow the ongoing relevant trends is the best possible solution available for dealing with this particular issue. By following the social media trends you will get the number of ideas to promote your products and service by linking up with those trends. And if the trend is getting more viral with every passing day, it is worth sacrificing the productivity hours so that you can work out on that trend.

10. Maintain balance between popularity and business

Though you create these social media accounts for the business purpose only, you also have to make sure that your social media profiles are also getting the popularity. You will need to maintain the right balance between popularity and business here. With the mixture of both business and popularity, you can keep up with the fun level in the working environment which will ultimately improve the productivity level of your business.
What’s your favorite way of social brand establishment while marketing your company or organization on online social giants? Let us know through the comments.

What’s your favorite way of social brand establishment while marketing your company or organization on online social giants? Let us know through the comments.

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February 10, 2018

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