Boost Your Online Business with These Powerful Website Design Trends

Unlike a brick-and-mortar store that is easily traceable owing to its physical presence and strategic positioning, an online store has to invest additional efforts to come up with ingenious ways in order to generate brand awareness and customer loyalty.With a staggering 1 billion+ websites existing on the web today, it is no mean feat for you to make your online business stand out from the plethora of merchandising brands that are mushrooming on the internet every now and then. Thankfully, you can ensure that your online business is able to withstand and outsmart the stiff competition by seeking the aid of a visually appealing and high-performing website that has the ability to attract your targeted demographic and convert the incoming traffic into sales in an assured manner.

Can’t wait any longer to know more about these compelling strategies? Read on to uncover few powerful website design ideas that can give your online business a much-needed thrust and make a world of difference to your company’s revenue and growth alike.

Aesthetic & functional websites that trigger positive first impressions

A timeless design trend, there is probably no better way to retain the fleeting attention of your visitors other than to spark their interest with a powerful website that is visually arresting and intellectually arousing. More often than not, the first few seconds will decide whether your visitors will remain hooked to your site or not. Make sure that your website doesn’t falter on this front by enriching it with a harmonious blend of eye-catching & classy aesthetics, attractive images, infographics & cinemagraphs, meaningful & crisp content, intuitive search & navigation features and catchy & animated call-to-action buttons that make generous use of verbs to inspire your visitors to take action and consequently amplify the click-worthiness of your website. It is equally important that you optimize your lead-generating landing pages appropriately if you want to make the most out of your SEO and PPC initiatives. Finally, you must ensure that your website’s design theme is in sync with your organization’s goals and objectives so that your visitors are able to correlate to both and do not end up being confused or misled.

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User-centric websites that attempt to know your audience like never before

Knowing your target audience is non-negotiable for the success of your online business. Unless you know your customers well, you will not be able to uncover or anticipate their specific needs and wants. This know-how is crucial if you want to outperform your competitors by offering niche products and services that are attuned to your customers’ interests, budgets and buying behaviour. These days, there is a rising trend to prioritise user needs over business interests and design websites that come with an array of functionalities to capture essential user demographics such as gender, location, education, job role, spend capability etc. in a subtle way. Such detailed insights about your visitors and customers can help you identify and cater to them in a personalised manner, which, in turn can promote superior user experience and repeat sales.

Age responsive web design that appeals to a diverse age group

Taking a cue from responsive web designs that are flexible enough to fit into a wide range of devices, 2017 ushers in a novel way of designing websites by making use of analytics and metadata to profile your customers on the basis of their perceived age and then leveraging this insight to customise the look and feel of your website in a manner that complements the unique taste of each and every age group. By altering your website’s layout, navigation, font size, colour, animation, graphics and content according to your prospect’s age, you will be able to relate with your potential customers more effectively as different age groups respond differently to a product, service or imagery. For further clarity, take the distinct preferences of your parents or grandparents vs. that of your Gen X or Gen Y sibling for reference.

Trust-worthy websites that flaunt genuine customer testimonials

As first-time users, our purchases are usually influenced by the reviews of fellow users who have previously entailed the services of a particular brand or a company and have endorsed the latter’s promises and commitments. Convey your impeccable services to your target demographic by flaunting positive customer reviews on your website. Not only will the testimonials foster trust and credibility within your audience but they will also play a key role in boosting your sales. Other than publishing plain text on your website, you can also innovate further and exploit the narration of real people in the form of videos. Making use of real customers can become your ultimate dealmaking strategy that can put to rest the remotest hint of any doubt or uncertainty that harbours within the potential customers.

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Interactive websites that offer real-time and personalised support to users

Engage with your customers in a hitherto unknown way by integrating chatbots into your website design. Bots can provide round-the-clock support to your customers, thereby eliminating the need to ramp up your existing support staff. They are an inventive take on the erstwhile scripted responses that did nothing to personalise your interactions with your leads and often left the latter feeling annoyed and dissatisfied. Enabling your website with artificial intelligence-enabled bots can lead to world-class customer service by virtue of a conversational style that is both natural and tailored to suit every customer. The added benefit of cutting down on your time, cost and resources to provider user assistance across multiple channels can imply increased profitability for your business and more time at hand for you to focus on your important business expansion plans and other growth strategies.


Often looked upon as an online business card, your website can go a long way in making or breaking your online business, depending upon its usability and visual appeal. Improve your company’s ROI by summoning the professional services of an award-winning website design and development company in India to integrate cutting-edge web design elements into your existing website or build an awe-inspiring one from scratch. You may have to shell out a bit more than you had planned for but the rewards that await you in the long run far outweigh the one-time cost of initial development.

Faraz Sayyed

Faraz Sayyed

July 9, 2017

Faraz works as a content marketing manager at Notion Technologies, a web and seo consultancy expert in building experience rich web for startups and businesses.