5 Ways to Build an Awesome Customer Relationship in Your Web Business

When it comes towards being opportunistic at the business end, one cannot help but realize the huge amount of competition in the existing market. This amount is significantly elevated to higher standards considering the critical case of business on the internet. Powered by evolving digital technology and influenced by online channels like social media, every entrepreneur is now equipped with facilities to take his business on a global scale.

There are more than 1 million websites actively catering to the service needs of more than 3.4 billion users online. No doubt, the possibility of scammers is high! Hence, it is highly important to establish trust and credibility for better business standards in a generally skeptical online arena.

1) Have an excellent website

Having a website is simply not enough. It is important that one goes for higher levels of web development and better quality of content. The essential qualities include

  • Responsive website
  • Minimalistic yet effective design
  • Fast loading times of the website
  • Multi browser access
  • Engaging content
  • Navigability
  • Credible contact information

Have a fully functional and attractive website designed for you by a professional web designing company. You can opt for such services on Notion Technologies where you get a variety of web design solutions at quite an affordable price.

2) Blogging is the key!

When you blog, your reach out to your customers and their requirements in a subtle way. It also allows you to share actionable ideas on a variety of topics, so as to help your customer better understand your business.

  • Keep your blog simple
  • Make good use of analytics
  • Use a language that allows better readability
  • Be consistent with your blog
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3) Testify your testimonials

If you consult any web development company, the most important thing they would recommend is a highly authentic testimonial that serves for greater credibility of the website. Make sure to include genuine testimonials in your website. They indefinitely help the site visitors to believe in your business.

4) Certify your business

Whether it is a website design company or an e-commerce business, the level of certification always adds a better credibility to your service. You can register yourself for an SEC or a trade certificate, to be displayed on your home page. You can also go for accreditation from Better Business Bureau for higher standards of certification. The expenses definitely entail but it definitely would put in the lead in the everyday online business.

5) Attend to your customer concerns

Cutting all detail short, just remember, your business is all about your customer. Make sure you keep these tips in mind while addressing a customer query.

  • Listen a lot, 80 percent of the time!
  • Do not argue or act defensive.
  • Own up to the mistake and try to resolve it as soon as possible.
  • Update the query status to your customer regularly.
  • Be pro-active to replace and refund the product, if necessary.
Faraz Sayyed

Faraz Sayyed

January 20, 2017

Faraz works as a content marketing manager at Notion Technologies, a web and seo consultancy expert in building experience rich web for startups and businesses.