10 Business Mantras to Fuel Your Startup’s Growth

“A river cuts the rock not because it is burly than it but because it is fervent and persistent while doing it”. Likewise, to grow your business, you need not be born with a silver spoon but you need to be learned the mantras to thrive and to rise above the ground level.

Not every business is as successful as they are today. Behind every present-day market leader, there is a small yet potential start-up that has grown by manifolds. All credits go to the jagged and on the ball mind of its founder. People often take granted the dogged work behind a start-up that its originator put in the initial stage.

Just guest, what all it takes to bring the start-up into the mainstream?

Obviously, tones of hard and smart work!

Building an enterprise out-of-scratch is not a piece of cake. Apart from the monetary and capital issues, thriving in fierce competition is another challenge that every start-up faces. There are some rules to survive in this competitive epoch. In a void of these rules and business mantra, odds are high that your start-up will crash soon after its launch. Those who learn the art-to- thrive will outshine others in no time.

To find out those business mantras, keep on reading.

Here is our comprehensive list of 10 most prominent and viable business mantra that will help your start-up a future market leader.

1. Make the most out of free available resources

Investment is the most crucial part of a start-up. Though you need to have huge sum ready to start a start-up, you can’t build sand castles about getting the good return soon after the launch of your start-up. It takes time. One month, one year or even one decade also, it could lie anywhere in between. While your almost all assets are at stake, it is better to make most out of the on-the-house resources. For instance, you can do initial social media branding of your start-up by simply creating a free account of various social media platforms.

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2. Be realistic

As Rome can’t be built in a day, your start-up will not initiate the process of giving you ROI (Return on Investment) since its launch. If you will keep your goals realistic and pragmatic, surviving would be effortless. Furthermore, patience is the key. It’s human nature that he yearns to a pat on his back as soon as he does something commendable. But, when you are wandering in the business street, surrounded by market giants, your efforts has b sound and impactful to deserve that part of success.

3. Dwell onto what you sell not what you think

People often underestimate the power of believe. If you believe in your start-up then you can make the world believe. On the contrary, if you are dubious about the viability or reliability of your start-up then the day of your start-up’s crash is not far.

4. Be practical while making decision

Practicality is the most imperative tool while you crave for commendable success of your start-up. Whether it is financial decision or deciding your clients, you have to have a practical approach towards any business related concern.

5. Invest in your team rather than scheme

You are not going to build an empire all alone. A team is what you required first and foremost. It is often found that people often pay huge some on the various schemes that proffers them good marketing and branding strategies and keep the worth of a laudable team at the back seat. If you have an efficient and skilled team then they are your assets and their work speaks more than a marketing strategy. So, pay heed on the quality of your team. Hire only the best minds.

6. A word of mouth is the best publicity

Publicity and marketing are most crucial tools to mark your presence in the business world. But, don’t overlook the power of mouth publicity as it comes from within. So focus on delivering the best and comprehensive services, make the client happy and see the magic.

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7. Go along with the trend and offer what is relevant to today’s world

If you are offering something which sounds alien to the people then your start-up is likely to fail. So, mark its presence in people’s mind. We all are little apprehensive when something unusual or unfamiliar comes in front of us. So, it’s better to stay relevant with present and offer what is required.

8. Compromise on everything except customer service

While a start-up is in budding stage, it has to make numerous compromises including maintaining a low-budget premises, and offering inexpensive service. The list doesn’t ends here. But, don’t make an error to compromise on your customer service as it is what will shape the future of your start-up.

9. Don’t be afraid of perils. Keep taking them and be persistence

We are living is a risky world where everything comes with a certain uncertainty. For instance, when you book a flight ticket for a foreign vacation, the ticket also has a notification stating “Flight timings are subjected to change”. You are not certain whether you will be flying on that particular timing despite paying a huge amount. It is a risk. So, risks are here, there and everywhere. Likewise, owning a start-up is itself a risky matter where success comes with no guarantee. Don’t pull back yourself from risks.

10. Embrace the failure with grace

“Failure is the start of success” and it is indeed true. Without failure, success has no worth. So, don’t let the failure make you gloomy rather consider them as an opportunity to learn and amend.

At last, always remember these lines from a movie, Field of Dreams:

“If you build it, they will come.” It is indeed true. All you need to do is have faith in you and implement these business mantras.

Shivanshi Singh

Shivanshi Singh

March 5, 2018

I am a CSE post-graduate, having an ardent inclination towards technologies, startups, new businesses & business ideas, programming, writing and outdoor games. Tweeting and sarcasm are what I like apart from technical writing.